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I offer Curriculum support for a variety of subjects including Maths, English, French and can improve student's confidence and performance in my 1-1 lessons.

I've worked with many students , helping them to improve their grammar or maths reasoning. Sometimes I incorporate some music in there (of course!) and go at the student's pace.

Stress-free learning really does help an otherwise anxious student help overcome learning barriers.

I make sure that there is a clear learning path, and that there is a goal at the end of the sessions. My expertise in Special Needs has often helped me find different ways and styles of learning to help student's progress.

Emphasis is on having fun and being relaxed. Students find they can learn much more easily in their own home environment and have even exceeded expectations by being taught online.

I use a variety of media and methods and gently persuade to students to engage and learn. Before they know it they are working at a much higher level and gaining lots of confidence.

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