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Special needs are complex and often a confusing place to find specific tutoring goals. I have a Masters in Special Needs  which reflects my passion and dedication to tutoring students with these diagnoses.
Calm C's Tutoring service can tailor individual lessons on a more personal level to suit individual needs/specifications. I teach at a pace that is more beneficial to a student in a stress free environment without the pressures of school life.
The obvious benefits of home tutoring are that students are being taught in familiar surroundings and home comforts, although lessons are also offered at my own residence or online.
I also offer an advice service for parents to help cope with the challenges presented in an educational setting and if need be liaise with schools to offer further support. Lessons emphasise fun. fun and more fun!!


I have experience with many different special needs students ranging from complex autism disorders, through to ADHD, ASD, OCD etc.
Lessons range from short 20 minute sessions throught to 90 minutes and involve many different activities and tasks that are both challenging yet nuturing and help a student progress
Once you have chosen the type of tuition you require I then need a detailed breakdown of your son/daughter's needs and some background information on schooling, so that I can build up a profile and work out which areas need to be targeted for maximum benefit.

If you have booked a home tuition option then I will travel to your home at a pre-arranged time/date and deliver the lesson in the room/area of your choice. I can bring my own tailored worksheets/activities with me or if you prefer to use your own or a school's then that is fine.

Alternatively you can travel to me and the same format applies.

Students are encouraged to learn in a relaxed way with the highest professional standards. Creativity is actively encouraged.

I can assure you of the highest quality of teaching and good interpersonal skills.

I also offer online lessons via Skype or Zoom and you can also book time slots on this website to suit. I have already had many successful sessions during lockdown and still continue to teach this way.

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